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My Healing Birth and Gentle VBAC: Part 4

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Hello there! Today we finally journey to days going to Laura’s third birth, her VBAC. If you’ve been following her story on our blog, then you’ve been witness to her preparation for this birth and the lessons she learned with her previous births. If you’re new to our blog, welcome and here are Parts One, Two, and Three.



The Days Leading to Birth

By: Laura Lyn Magat


At 38th week check-up

We’ve been having prodromal labor since 34 weeks. We thought it was early labor but my doula, Velvet, pointed out that it might be prodromal labor and sent me some materials to read. According to what I’ve read, prodromal labor is different from Braxton Hicks. Prodromal labor helps baby to be in an optimal position for birth.

Since we have GDM, we were anxious for baby to come out. But since the baby is the boss, and we believe that he will dictate when he will come out, we respected that. The cervix was still closed and we used the time to discuss our birth plan with Dra. Menefrida Reyes.

I continued my prenatal exercises to build stamina and did Spinning Babies exercises/Miles Circuit for baby’s optimal position. I had red raspberry tea, evening primrose and very frequent sexual contact which helps soften the cervix.  All these we did while waiting for God’s perfect timing.

Two days after, I had 3-5mins painful contractions. I couldn’t sleep that night. But eventually I was able to sleep, so we figured, it wasn’t time yet. I was already in contact with my beloved doula then. We later learned that the pain I was feeling at this point was different from the feeling of an active labor. It was possible that the baby was moving to his optimal position, hence the intensity.

At 39th week check-up

I started to have bloody show. At this time, I had continuous painful contractions but they are still bearable. I attributed to my age the back pain, leg pain, knee pain, and many other pains in the body. But I can still move around and exercise.

Please excuse the whining, it’s just me being impatient. I had to keep reminding myself that God (and the baby) is in control. They know when and what is the best. But again, they say, “NOT YET!” because   the cervix was 3cm dilated already but 0%effaced. Our OB still let us go home, as I was not in active labor yet. I was also advised by doula Velvet to rest and relax.

Family 3

At 39 weeks and 3days

Dra. Menefrida Reyes requested for a non-stress test and ultrasound because she was concerned about my GDM. Ideally, I should have given birth by this time. But again, God and baby said, “NOT YET!”

By now we have progressed already. Cervix was still at 3cm but 70% effaced! Even though it was a big improvement, I was so humbled! I pride myself in having very high pain tolerance, and the cringing pain I’m feeling is just 3cm? How could that be? Oh well, that was when I started bracing myself for what was coming ahead.

Then my favorite part: Dra. Reyes prayed for me, Jonathan, baby and the birthing itself. I cried! My heart was overflowing with love and peace. She thanked God for the miracle of life, she thanked Him for our intentional parenting style, she thanked Him for the baby as being our source of joy, she then prayed for a beautiful birth experience.

Then we went home. Going home, I couldn’t stay put. The intensity of the contractions were progressing. We slept at 10pm.


Still no baby, Laura? Don’t worry. Baby will be coming out in the last installment of Laura’s birth story.


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