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My Healing Birth and Gentle VBAC: Part 5

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How has your day been so far? Good? Or are you eagerly awaiting the birth of Laura’s third child? Well wait no further. Today, we share with you the last and final part of her birth story as we start when active labor began for her.

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The Day of Birth and My Gentle VBAC

By: Laura Lyn Magat



12:30 am I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. I breathe through each contraction. Breathing really helps.

2:29 am I woke Jonathan up and texted Velvet that I was having 2-4min contractions and the intensity was getting crazy.

I kept reminding myself: “It’s easier to dilate at home than at the hospital.” Being told by Velvet frequently: “Listen to your body. You will know when it is time.”

I felt pressured! What if I don’t know? But eventually she was right. YOU WOULD REALLY KNOW! No question about it. I thought my high pain tolerance will allow me to give birth with no complaints. Boy, was I wrong!

3:26 am Time to GO! I leaked water with blood. I texted Dra. Reyes.

4:20 am We left our home in Paranaque. It took us an hour to get dressed! I had to manage every contraction which were coming less than a minute apart. By this time, I was feeling the urge to push already. I felt the connection with baby Darryn so talked to him during the trip, “Darryn, hang on. I also can’t wait to see you.”

5:00 am We arrived at St. Lukes QC. We were surrounded by angels! Manong guard brought me inside with the wheelchair while Jonathan parked the car. They did a vaginal exam at the maternity admission unit and I was already 8 cm! Then my water broke right after.

I was then brought to the HRPU (High Risk Pregnancy Unit Room). Before we entered, Dr. Reyes checked again and she declared that there was no more time. We were almost there: I was 9cm and 100% effaced! I shouted when I was made to lie down so they put pillows behind my back.

5:15am I was brought to the Delivery Room. But then the labor pains are really kicking in! I have to remind myself to manage, manage, manage! Jonathan and Velvet were still getting dressed with hospital clothes.

I felt so relieved when I saw Velvet! She helped me breathe, she assured me and reminded me of the preparations we made. I felt more confident when I saw our mild-mannered Dra. Reyes’ commanding presence then. No one from the staff was allowed to move unless she says so. They were ready to put tubes, but she told them to stop. No IV, no anesthesia, no anything, just a heplock in case of emergency.

After a few pushes…

At 5:30am Baby Darryn Johanan was born!

Born at 39 weeks& 4 days, 7.4 lbs via VBAC!

birth pic

I FELT SO EMPOWERED! Seeing Baby Darryn, I forgot all the pain,the pain was gone! I felt so warm all over. It’s done.

We had the Unang Yakap protocol done ( There was no “after pain.” Well, not until I was stitched down under, hello pain!

I initially complained because after 5 mins of giving birth they were preparing for cord clamping. I requested for a maximum of 15mins. I didn’t know the placenta was delivered already. So there’s no need to delay further. Jonathan got to cut the cord.

I didn’t feel groggy at the recovery room. I had a hyperactive chat with Velvet.

And the hubby during the birthing? Happily clicking on the camera. There was no stress for him. He strongly believed in the capability of the team.

As an added bonus, we were overjoyed to learn that our total bill in St. Luke’s which includes the professional fee of both OB and Pedia is much less than the package of the hospital for a normal delivery! We went home with very happy pockets!

God has been so good to us, protecting us and allowing us to be surrounded with a great birthing team!

We are now exclusively breastfeeding. Truly, this birth is my redeeming and healing birth.


Wow. That was intense! How did you feel as you read Laura’s story? Were you also empowered?


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