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Group Lactation Massage with PDC

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Join us for the Pinay Doulas Collective‘s GROUP LACTATION MASSAGE session on 26 February 2019 (Tuesday). The event is facilitated by your doulas in partnership with lactation massage therapists, headed by Nanay Rechilda Araojo Talle (Nanay Rich).

10154085_975483662519877_5240738515473774724_n Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding or mix-feeding, you are welcome to join us. This is a great opportunity to address your breastfeeding challenges, learn more tips and techniques to achieve your breastfeeding goals, and meet fellow moms who are with you in this breastfeeding journey.

Aside from the actual massage, you will learn about troubleshooting your breastfeeding concerns, have a demonstration/trial of proper latch and different positions, practice hand expression and learn about breastmilk storage, your rights as a breastfeeding mother, or anything about being a breastfeeding mom. It is a great way to meet lifelong friends–we know, because your Pinay Doulas met each other as breastfeeding moms!

You baby is welcome to join if s/he is below 6 months. You are required to have an additional companion if you are bringing your baby.

***Please only register if you truly intend to join. Advance payment is required to secure your slot.***




26 February 2019 (Tuesday)
Includes 2-hour session (choose your slot)
Lactation massage and counseling
Breastfeeding mom and baby, and one additional adult companion

👭 PDC Haven is located at 85 Don Alejandro Roces Ave, Laging Handa, Quezon City.

If you have any questions, comment below or PM us! We look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your breastfeeding journey! 🤱

Thank you.

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