About Pinay Doulas

The Pinay Doulas Collective (Pinay is slang for Filipino women) was borne out of eight women’s passion and commitment to infinitely serve families by providing maternity support services--from fertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery, to postpartum and breastfeeding.
  • Our Mission and Vision

  • The Pinay Doulas Collective is committed to serve families by providing maternity support services covering all aspects of fertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, child care, infant and young child feeding, and maternal nutrition through education and support.

    It is our mission to provide information on the latest evidence-based procedures and culturally-appropriate options while reminding women of their timeless capacity and irrevocable rights to a peaceful and well-supported child-bearing, birthing and postpartum period.

    Our vision is to create a society which values women and their capacity to have a positive birth experience and create a nurturing environment for their children. It is our aim that with proper support, families make informed decisions relying on sound and factual information all working towards achieving personal and family enrichment.

    We wish for women to be treated with respect and dignity. The health and well-being of the mother and baby (whether physical, mental, or emotional) are our utmost priority. Empowered women find their voice and have the tools to tap into their innate ability to birth their babies safely and in a gentle and caring environment.  

  • Our Strength as a Collective

  • Having a member of the Pinay Doulas Collective as your doula means having the support of the whole group. We are independent doulas who work together to bring our services to a wider reach, and enrich each other’s capacities through sharing of knowledge, experiences and resources. Our diverse backgrounds and combined experiences from trainings received from local and international organizations all contribute to the strength of the Collective.

    The members of PDC support each other so we can best support YOU: the mothers, children, families and communities that we serve.