What is a birth doula?

A birth doula is a professionally trained birth partner and birth companion who sees the mother throughout her pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and immediately after birth. She offers emotional support, physical comfort, information and guidance to the birthing woman as well as her partner.

The Pinay Doulas Collective sees to it that the woman is never left alone during her entire birthing experience. The doula helps the mother have a positive, empowered and satisfying birthing experience by ensuring that she feels respected and cared for throughout labor and birth. The doula also helps create a space wherein the partner feels less overwhelmed and more capable of supporting the laboring mother.

Major hospitals in Metro Manila have welcomed the Pinay Doulas Collective through the requests of countless birthing mothers to have a doula during their labor and delivery.

Coverage of Care

  • Prenatal consultation
  • Continuous support during labor
  • Postpartum visit
  • Access to lending library of books and references
  • Phone and email support prenatally and after birth
  • On-call availability 2 weeks before and after scheduled due date until delivery
  • Ensures Unang Yakap Protocol is followed
  • Immediate after-birth support
  • Breastfeeding counseling, initiation and suppor

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