What is a Fertility Doula?

A fertility doula helps improve the outcome of your family building pursuit–through fertility treatments or adoption. The Pinay Doulas Collective offer customized, non-medical support services to complement your journey. Along with your medical team’s guidance, you will receive help to make difficult decisions, determine next steps after a setback or endure the inevitable emotional roller coaster. Like a Birth Doula who would support you throughout your pregnancy & the labor process, we would counsel, coach or support you (and/or your partner) through each step of your journey.

Coverage of care

  • Fertility doulas provide the following:
  • Emotional support as you go through your cycles, whether via phone consultation or one-on-one meetings
  • –Guidance with charting and sharing of resources on the Billings Ovulation Method and/or Fertility Awareness Method
  • Companionship during your consultations with your doctor or work-up appointments
  • Information to help you better understand your diagnosis, available options, and possible alternatives
  • An open line for honest discussion on residual sensitivities and concerns regarding infertility and pregnancy
  • Other services as necessary. We may customize further should the need arise.