Doula Jen

  • Birth, Fertility and Postpartum Doula, Bebo Mia Inc.
  • Trained Breastfeeding Counselor, Breastfeeding Pinays

Doula Jen is one of the administrators of the breastfeeding online support group, Breastfeeding Pinays. Experiencing the benefits of breastfeeding for her own child and herself, she decided to be a breastfeeding advocate and trained as a breastfeeding peer counselor under Arugaan.

She is a seasoned counselor having assisted in numerous breastfeeding support sessions on a regular basis. She has recently attended the 11th One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In this forum, Doula Jen further realized how birth greatly affects breastfeeding success.

Doula Jen received her doula training under Bebo Mia Inc., a Canada-based institution. She is also part of the Pinay Doulas Collective, a group of fertility, birth and postpartum doulas working towards women empowerment through the woman’s reproductive years.

Doula Jen believes that when properly supported and respected during birth, a joyful baby and mother will be born. And soon will follow a joyful family and a joyful community.