Part 2: My Dream Birth, My VBAC

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by Heleena Claire Pasumbal-Espina


My second pregnancy

Right before my daughter’s first birthday in January 2016, a shocking news blew me and my husband away–I was pregnant again. It was unplanned but definitely not unwanted.  However, we were barely coping as first-time parents to a preemie, so it was a confusing time. We were just starting to be familiar with the routine of having one baby then another one is coming along. I was worried that I will not be able to give the much-needed attention and care for my firstborn when the second baby arrives. I was afraid that I might not love them equally. I had so many fears and so many worries.

It was hard to comprehend in the beginning but eventually there was peaceful acceptance in my heart. How can I complain when I have my own child growing inside of me? After much prayers, we finally announced that we’re having another baby during my daughter’s first birthday party.


Birth has to be different this time – my VBAC

The cesarean birth experience with my firstborn was still fresh in my mind and heart. Thinking of all the negative impact which affected me and my family, I firmly decided that it has to be different this time around.

I first heard of the term “vaginal birth after cesarean” or VBAC during a breastfeeding counseling meeting of Breastfeeding Pinays. My daughter was barely two months then. It has piqued my attention but did not really gone deep into it until I became pregnant again. One mommy named Charmaine Benitez (thank you Mommy Charmaine, an angel sent you to me) from the online group led me to become a member of Gentle Birth in the Philippines.

Gentle Birth in the Philippines helped me so much in terms of information gathering about VBAC. Members in this FB group are also very helpful with mothers who are clueless of how to achieve the birth they wanted. It is also through this group that I knew of and met the wonderful mommas of Pinay Doulas Collective led by no other than my sassy and beautiful doula, Ms. Velvet Escario-Roxas, a wonderful lady who is strict yet compassionate with her doula mothers.


Labor and birth preparations

VBAC is no joke. Physical, emotional and psychological preparation is much more intense.  One of the striking difference I learned from VBAC is the time limit during labor and delivery.  Therefore, you have to be prepared and equipped with all the things which could help you with a triumphant VBAC.

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